Tommy Joiner and Tyler Gillespie of Freelance Hustler
Here we are, the founders of Freelance Hustler, Tyler Gillespie (left) and Tommy Joiner (right) pictured in Medellin, Colombia.  We’re just a couple hustlers like you guys and we’re on a mission to establish the number one resource online to help freelancers around the world win higher-paying jobs, make more consistent revenue, and live more freely.

Freelance Hustler was created to address the lack of quality resources available online to help freelancers succeed in a rapidly changing economy.  Our mission is to provide individuals looking to excel at freelancing with the inspiration and actionable information that they need in order to win high-paying jobs, make consistent revenue, and live more freely.  Hoards of new freelancers enter the market everyday and many of them have no place to turn for information on how to get started.  As the economy continues to shift towards a model more focussed on the individual working as their own enterprise, Freelance Hustler will be there to help guide you along the way.

A recent study done by Upwork revealed that nearly 60% of the American workforce will be freelancing in some capacity by 2018 (which is nearly double the amount of people freelancing at the moment).  Pretty crazy, huh?  This means that in just a few short years, the majority of people will be freelancing, consulting, or performing some sort of independent contractor type work to generate income.

We started out freelancing ourselves so we understand the struggles that exist for new and established contractors alike.  Not only do we understand what it’s like to work as individual freelancers, but we also know what it takes to turn those freelancing skills into a successful business.  In less than two years, we leveraged our freelancing skills to launch a multiple six-figure business that now employees a team now of 15+ contractors from all over the world.  We created Freelance Hustler to share our journey with you and help you along the way to freelancing success.

Currently we are in the process of rolling out a ton of incredible content and actionable resources to help you succeed as an individual freelancer and build a business that you love, are proud of, and that puts you in a position to obtain all the freedom you seek in life.

I help talented Freelancers use Upwork to leverage explode their online careers, add a serious boost to their sales and develop their ideal dream lifestyle. All of the strategies and techniques that I teach to others are ones that I have used myself and things that I have learned from building my very own multiple six figure content marketing agency. Gingerbread Marketing.

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  • Greggh

    Hi Tommy. I’m doing your Upwork course in . Module 2, video 2 titled ‘The first steps towards wooing a client’ has a template download titled ‘Make Money on Upwork Cover Letter Template Layouts’ Downloading this file give a document with nothing inside it. Can you please help?

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