Our Freelance Hustler Journey to $100k MRR

Freelance Hustler Journey to 100k MRR

It has been a little while since both Tommy and I have posted on the blog. Though, we have some great reasons why we were gone. As well, we’re excited to be back with more consistency and Fuego!

Both Tommy and I have been heads down working on our Freelance Hustle (Gingerbread Marketing). Which has been incredibly rewarding and to be honest we have decided to open up the “doors” of our business a little more (for you) in hopes of providing value as you build and grow your very own freelance businesses this year.

We hope that what we are creating and pushing ourselves towards resonates with you and will motivate you.

As we have gotten much more clarity around what we want to execute the focus has turned to elevating ourselves to be in a position of working “on” the business rather than “in” the business.

Something often discussed in business and entrepreneur circles but rarely actually executed. The few that can do this are far and few between. As well honestly the type of people both Tommy and I are working to spend our time with and learn from.

I believe in the Learn, do and teach model.

Freelance Hustler Learn, Teach, Do Model

My goals have been to share more of what we are doing at Gingerbread HQ. We will start sharing more on our blog here as well you can follow us on Instagram to get more live updates of our journey here (@gingerbreadtyler) as well Tommy here (@tommy_joiner).

I truly believe each and every one of us has something to share that is valuable. My goal is that from our content moving forward we will share everything from our business journey to $100k MRR (monthly recurring revenue) with hopes it will bring value to what you are building.

Our goal is to share:

  • lessons learned
  • details on how we are getting new customers
  • how we are setting up systems within the business
  • optimizing processes
  • automating the business
  • building the team
  • Removing ourselves completely from the day to day operations of Gingerbread so we can focus our energy to work “on” the business.

Optimizing for the “Laptop Test.”

Freelance Hustler Laptop Test

Here is a challenge for you. If you can’t perform the “laptop test” which is where you close your laptop for a month, go on vacation and then return with your business running smoothly and even better than when you left it then you have some work to do. I would even argue that you aren’t an entrepreneur. This test simply exposes the business can’t run and succeed without you.

You are simply self-employed. Let’s get real the business relies 100% on you to survive. An entrepreneur can be defined many ways but one of my favorite authors Michael Gerber puts it perfectly in his book the “The E-myth Revisited.”

Freelance Hustler E-myth Revisited Quote

He goes on to say…..

“Most Entrepreneurs are technicians suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure.”

Freelance Hustler Technicians

I couldn’t agree more with this.

If your business relies on you to operate, then you have a glorified job. You’re simply a technician with entrepreneurial tendencies.

To be honest…..I have a glorified job, and I have no problem admitting that. I 100% would rather work for myself than anyone else. I think you would agree. The cool thing now is we have more clarity than ever of what we want to Optimize for.

For Gingerbread we have big dreams and visions of what we want to create. So before we give ourselves the honor of an Entrepreneurial “Golden Star” We want to become true entrepreneurs and create a valuable business that can truly run without us if we so desire.

A business that creates enjoyment, freedom, value to others and allows us to focus on what we love to do in the business most while utilizing our core strengths during the process.

The Freelance Hustler Work Paradigm

The Freelance Hustler Work Paradigm

This may or may not be your personal goal I’m not sure.

Maybe you’re a “one person” Freelance shop, have a consulting company or marketing agency. In my mind, it all comes down to what you are trying to optimize for. Right?

If you’re happy then awesome, keep doing what you are doing. If you’re not happy, then it is time to make some changes, take action and start putting the pieces in place to build something greater than just YOU. Our hopes is that following our journey and sharing ideas together we can grow together. I want to hear, talk to and interact with others who also have a similar vision.

Our journey of building and molding Gingerbread into an asset that will create the type of freedom and lifestyle we truly desire is what all the content moving forward will be about.

Exiting the Technician Role

Freelance Hustler Exiting the technician role

For us, we want to turn Gingerbread like I mentioned into a $100k MRR #antiagency and we want to become #antifreelancers and true entrepreneurs. We want to run the business from our cell phones and focus our working energy “on” the business rather than the “technician” aspects most freelancers find themselves doing on a day to day basis.

  • We want to create a business that can run with or without us.
  • We want to be able to take the laptop test if we desire at any moment
  • We want to build the systems and a kickass team that will allow us to double down on what we enjoy and focus on our core strengths.

All while running the majority of the business from our cell phones.

This is our journey, and we are thrilled to share everything we can during the process as we build Gingerbread with you.

#Actiontime – Answer one of the following questions and Leave a comment below:

Can you perform the Laptop test today if you wanted? If not, why?

What are you trying to optimize for in your business going into the new year?


I help talented Freelancers use Upwork to leverage explode their online careers, add a serious boost to their sales and develop their ideal dream lifestyle. All of the strategies and techniques that I teach to others are ones that I have used myself and things that I have learned from building my very own multiple six figure content marketing agency. Gingerbread Marketing.

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